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Our Beliefs and Our Vision

The life of a woman changes completely once she steps into this new version of herself as a mother. All the rosy pictures fade off- of babies sleeping most of the time, a mother multitasking with ease, a happy family picture with all the kids sitting silently together and many more such images which we are often exposed to through the reel world... The reality hits- and we realize "I know nothing"...…. "This is hard",
We all go through this, the intensity from one person to another varies that's it! But what makes this journey easier is having access to up-to-date, evidence-based information, a space where you can get the required support and hands-on parenting tools.

We strongly feel each baby deserves respectful, gentle and compassionate care. Knowing what's 'Normal infant behaviour' often takes away a lot of stress from parents.
Our aim at Snugbub is to help you all amazing parents navigate in those initial years smoothly through practical tips, evidence-based information and cool parenting tools like babywearing and more! 

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