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At Snugbub, we provide infant sleep, babywearing and lactation consultations along with an active support group for mothers. We regularly organize some amazing workshops driven by our in-house experts, meet ups and more! 

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Canva - Baby With Both Hands on Right Ch
Canva - Baby With Both Hands on Right Ch


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I started my work with an extended role in office when my second one was 7m old. It was extremely tough to concentrate on office work due to frequent night wakings.

Prachi helped me with simple tips. These were slight alterations and adjustments in our regular activities which gave surprisingly effective results. We now enjoy undisturbed peaceful sleep



"... I nursed him while babywearing when I was in the park and he also slept comfortably later. That experience of mobile nursing, being able to take care of him and also being hands free was amazing- like I got my life back! Babywearing is a super liberating experience..

In the support community found answers to many questions and gathered my strength and individuality to handle motherhood in a better way. I could always be well prepared as I knew what to expect next and how to deal with the upcoming challenges"



Prachi is a gem. As a new mum, I am lucky to have access to a babywearing and infant sleep coach like her. Life became so much easier in the first meeting itself. She taught us about the different types of Ergonomic carries also helped us choose the right one, along with some helpful tips to optimize baby's sleep. These things may sound simple, but the right know-how can be a life savior for new parents.



As my baby hit 4 months, her schedule went for a toss . Literally she used to wake up every hour at night . Infact she was not ready to sleep on bed , she used to sleep on my lap only. I can't explain my condition at that time.

Like a miracle I read an article by Prachi about baby sleep and contacted her for consultation. I made changes suggested by her, Believe it or not it eventually my baby started sleeping on bed from my lap with an improved night time sleep. .



"I joined Snugbub community in my second trimester. The discussions on the group helped me prepare for the arrival of my baby. I value the fact that I get advice from experts as well as practical guidance from experienced moms. Its like having a 24*7 helpline in the comfort of your home! Everyone is absolutely non judgmental and helpful.

Baby wearing helped me a lot, in the initial days to provide kangaroo care, to confidently step out, do essential chores at home. Prachi has also given me valuable, sustainable sleep advice. Being able to sleep at night is such a blessing!"



Snugbub community is a safe and beautiful space for mommies to get all the necessary information, help and support needed postpartum like babywearing, sleep, starting solids, milestones breastfeeding, dos and don'ts and the list goes on..

The charges are very nominal but the kind of support provided and workshops organised are way beyond the investment!


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