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Infant Feeding Support


Right from birth, the baby’s nutrition and well being is the number one priority for parents. Ideally starting with breastfeeding, the baby makes her way into solids, gradually learns to enjoy the family pot and builds a good relationship with food. Though this sounds very natural and simple in theory, the reality is quite different. Many women today struggle to breastfeed because of a lack of compassionate, evidence-based support and are caught in the information gap between generations. Introduction to solids is also a matter of intense pressure and debate and parents are often faced with pressure to adopt unhealthy shortcuts to get the child to eat.

The Snugbub Infant Feeding Consultations, are designed to provide you with evidence based information, keeping in mind the well being of both mother and child. We understand and appreciate that mothers can have varied feeding goals and hence all our consultations are tailor made to suit your specific requirements.


The wide range of areas covered are:

  • Post partum feeding / supply related concerns

  • Infant Oral Assessments and latch correction

  • Expressing / pumping milk

  • Returning to work: Preparation and onboarding caregivers

  • Starting Solids for the baby

  • Baby led Weaning

  • Build Healthy Food habits

  • Gentle Weaning (Access workshop here)


To know about our Infant Feeding, Lactation Counselling options reach out to us at +91 7019814027

Our Team


Sneha Dutta

When my IUGR daughter was born, she was so tiny that I couldn’t afford for her to lose even one gram of weight. Thus began my breastfeeding journey, one day at a time, till my daughter self weaned at 3 years and 7 months. Along the way I learnt a lot about breastfeeding and human lactation, got certified as a CLEC and CBS, got training as an infant sleep educator and out of personal interest, pursued training in the Montessori philosophy for ages 0-12 by AMI. 

When I sit down with you , I aim to meet your needs holistically considering the baby’s overall development and your well being. I look forward to being part of your journey !


Aarti Mehta

Even though I had read extensively while carrying my first born, nothing could prepare me for the feeding issues that I experienced in those first few weeks. What I did know was, who I had to turn to - a Lactation Counsellor and in those weeks a LC looks like an angel from heaven. My curiosity and desire to help moms, lead me to learn about infant feeding  each day of my parenting journey. I'm a VBAC mama of two, breastfed both babies, certified IYCF(UNICEF), babywearing educator and Lamaze trained. 


Prachi Pendurkar

Hello! Just like many mums, my breastfeeding journey was a rocky one, with a million questions every day, tears and guilt- why are my twins not latching? Am I making enough? Nipple confusion and so on. And understood- right help at the right time can do wonders. Here I am, to help you out in your infant feeding journey, as a lactation professional, babywearing educator, pediatric sleep coach to provide holistic care. I am also trained in assessing oral cavity and diagnosing oral restrictions and ties . Lets iron things out together..

Dr Shruti Jayasurya_edited_edited.jpg

Dr. Shruti Jayasurya

I'm a paediatric dentist by profession and thought I had prepped enough to take care of my twins, but once they arrived, I was thrown into an unknown world. I received so many contradictory advice and suggestions that it ended up confusing me and we had a feeding journey that was a mix of direct nursing, expressed feeds and formula. 

This journey inspired me to train more on infant feeding practices and I did my ACLP certification. I work extensively and provide releases for infants with oral restrictions like tongue and lip ties. I believe prevention is better than cure and I will guide you in your infant feeding journey as well as in maintaining good oral hygiene for your child so cavities can be prevented in your little one's teeth. 

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