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Paediatric Dentistry Consultation

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Pediatric dentistry is often overlooked, but the truth is, infant oral care is of great importance. We offer age-appropriate guidance for oral care in childhood, beginning from infancy,  preventive care after teeth eruption and early interventions in case of tooth decay which can save the child a lot of trouble, pain and sleepless nights.


This aspect coupled with infant feeding support - we bring to you a unique set of expertise to ensure you have a smooth and enjoyable feeding journey and also ensuring your child enjoys a ‘cavity free’ mouth and has optimal facial growth patterns to prevent malocclusions.

To book a consult, reach out to us at +91 7019814027

Dr. Shruti Jayasurya 

Qualifications - BDS, MDS (Paediatric and Preventive Dentistry), ACLP

Specialisation  - Laser specialist, Tethered Oral tissue (TOTS) assessment and release.


While you can book an appointment for a face to face consult at one of the numerous clinics she consults at,  we also provide online consults hopping the geographical boundaries, and yes in case of a need to visit a specialist in your city, would be able to refer the right professionals.

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Resham Anjali Sukhija

“With cavity fillings done as treatment for caries and fluoride application as a preventive treatment, along with regular check ups and emphasis on dental hygiene, we have been able to contain the caries and keep my daughter's teeth healthy, and also able to breastfeed her as a preschooler too. I give total credit to Dr. Shruti for my daughter's healthy teeth”

Mithra Hari

“Dr. Shruti is an angel in disguise.

She is the most friendly, loving, gentle pediatric dentisit we have been to. I cant recommend her enough. She managed to wipe out all the anxieties I carried with me as a parent and proved ro me that debtal treatments need not be painful and scary.

She has a way of connecting with kids and making them confortable and calm. My daughter calls her "my favorite dentist aunty".

Resham Anjali Sukhija

"I consult Dr Shruti for both my children.  She clearly explains the treatment required and gives parents the options to be considered. She is very gentle with kids. Highly recommend her."

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