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Paediatric Sleep Consultations


Gentle, Sustainable and Age Appropriate

When it comes to sleep, parents can have a thousand questions- is my baby sleeping enough? what is a safe sleep environment? what about sleep associations? Are night wakings normal? Baby wakes up vary frequently and many more..

We provide age-appropriate solutions to parents with kids in the range of 0 to 10 years. The sleep plans are evidence-based and tailored to individual family needs and circumstances.


To know about our Sleep Consult Options reach out to us at +91 7019814027

We believe

Every problem has a solution

Needs of the baby as well as the caregivers are equally important

Babies can't be trained to sleep, they can only be nurtured to sleep better. Sign up for the 'Baby Sleep Basics' workshop here:

Newborn's Care

We as parents do a thousand things to help the crying baby soothe.
What changes when it comes to sleep that babies are left to 'cry it out'? 

Babies do not cry it out and train themselves to sleep - they just give up the hope that they will ever be heard and sleep out of exhaustion. They deserve better.

"Thanks to the detailed consultation with Prachi, I have been able to make tremendous progress w.r.t bub's sleep. We are no longer facing revolts at midnight!"


"The Sleep session went beyond just sleep, it was holistic. The written document was so helpful and detailed. It not only varieties everything we spoke but many extra ideas as well."


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