Mum Support Community

At Snugbub we run two support groups- The Infant support group and the other for 2-6 years kids which caters to age appropriate activities and video connects to raise our little humans!

We have been running the Watsapp and FB mum support groups since 2016, helping mothers in their parenting journey. We welcome mothers from all across the globe right from 6 months of pregnancy till the kids turn 6 years.

Infant Support group - Here you can seek evidence based support on lactation, starting solids, weaning, product recommendations, gentle parenting, discount collaborations with multiple brands and more! 

The 2-6 Years "Lets Learn Together' Group. 

- To aid teaching/ learning at home

- Regular hands-on activity and story sharing 

- Regular community video connects to discuss about aspects related to little humans like behaviour shaping, sleep patterns, food habits and so on.. 

You can 'Sign up' if you wish to join and we would be happy to have you onboard!

Here is our fabulous team, who do this as a labor of love! Cheers..


Clients Speak..

That's some of our community mums sharing their experiences of being a part of the support group

"... It's like you never feel alone. Even in the nights (when most problems with babies crop up, there's a place to reach out to and get answers. The source of information is scientific, dependable and not vague or superstitious"


"I was always worried about my milk supply. I joined the group and posted my queries. I started following the solutions suggested in the group. It's been 15 days and I can say that my supply has gone up and regular. Thank you."


"Snugbub group has been a blessing for me since the time I stepped into motherhood. This group has been my go to for so many of the questions , concerns , thoughts related to my baby which no book or doc will tell.."