Babywearing Support


Consultations and Lending Libraries


We provide babywearing consultations to help parents use this amazing tool which is immensely beneficial to both the babies and caregiver. This includes introduction to ergonomic carriers, different types and brands, demo and trials, help with nursing in carrier, personalized recommendations and discounts on purchases. The consultations are both online as well as Face to Face (based on location)

Lending Libraries

We run multi-brand, ergonomic carrier libraries in Bangalore, Mangalore, Pune and Sydney (Australia). Through this facility, you can try out carriers before investing, lend one for your vacation or rent it out on a long term basis!


Babies need touch just as much as they need food.

Babies outgrow the needs once they are developmentally ready, be it breastfeeding, the need to be held, bedsharing, night feeding, to name a few.
So keep calm and carry on. You cannot spoil them by loving them.