Feeding the Toddler
Playing with Toys
Boy on a Bed
Working From Home

Starting Solids

Starting solids for the baby, is quiet an important event, but are you geared up with everything you need to know before you embark upon this journey?

- How much to offer

- When to offer

- Red Flags

-What not to offer

- Baby led Weaning 

- Traditional weaning 

and more..

Potty Training

This is yet another important milestone in a child's life- Potty Training! Yes. and we have our in house experts to help you with a roadmap, tips and tricks to help your baby adapt to the new ways as you ditch the diapers!

- How to communicate on the new ways of using toilet

- Tools to help your toddler in the process

- Step by step roadmap

- Potty training common mistakes


Ready for weaning your child off breastmilk? And do not want to adopt ways that leave the child traumatized or shocked? Our team of lactation experts, will guide you for a smooth and gentle weaning  process. 

- Relevant resources

- Step by step roadmap

- Options to suit your specific requirements

- Preparing the child and the family

Return to Work

Whether you are rejoining work after your maternity leave, or after a break, joining back work, has not been easy for moms, leaving their little bundles away. But life goes on, and so does work. Whether you have to work from home or work outside the house, we are here to help you navigate through the challenges where you get information on

- how will my baby feed

-how will my baby sleep without me

- Self care

- Options for childcare

-work-life balance 

Feeding the Baby
Young Boy
Feeling Mom's Tummy

Childbirth Education

A Holistic class for you to prepare for your child birth. By our Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator

Pumping 101

A mom might need to pump breastmilk for various reasons and at different point in time during the breastfeeding journey. The Pumping 101 workshop educates mothers on all the aspects of breastmilk pumping:

- How and when to pump

- how much to pump

- types of pumps

- storage of pumped milk

- usage guidelines

- alternative feeding methods

Behaviour Shaping

Our Team of parenting coaches, are here to help you with the behaviour related questions you may have about your children. With the pandemic hitting us and the kids being stuck indoors, we have seen a rise in troubled parent - child interactions. We cover

- assessment of situation

- parent coaching

- tools to bridge the communication gaps

- understanding normal child behaviour

- identify red flags

Be Child Ready

A specially curated session for expecting couples to get a thorough understanding of the fourth trimester and beyond. This session empowers the couples to parent confidently. This covers

- lactation

- infant sleep

- newborn care

- self care

- co-parenting

and more..